Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seriously? Seriously.

Dear Powers-that-be,

THIS is how you're gonna be? THIS says "Happy Holidays" to you? I've had it with you and your bad gifts. I mean, really, put some thought into it next time. It takes a real idiot to think that my mom having to have a thyroidectomy because of some potentially cancerous nodules would be a nice treat. Especially two years after presenting my dad with leukemia, the gift that keeps on taking. All I can say is that this better work out okay, or next year you don't get a Christmas card.

Your friend (for now),


update (april 10, 2009): mom's hanging in just fine! had treatment dose of irradiated iodine, lost voice and sense of taste, regained both. scan will be in july or august. expected results = super awesomeness. whew!