Thursday, October 30, 2008


Happy Halloween everyone!

Yep, that's about it. The end.

Monday, October 27, 2008


In 42 minutes, I'll be this many:

||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||||


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hell froze over, but I did not

I do not like to heat my apartment. I sleep with my window open in the middle of winter (please don't tell the neighborhood miscreants). And yet, last night I turned my thermostat to 60 until I went to bed. I have given in, and it's only October! But it was really hard to make dinner with mittens on to keep the chill away. Geez, Louise; I'm so weak.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

PPS -- Play a Game, Save a Life

I don't know how to do the html stuff, so go old skool -- copy and paste.

PS -- send cupcakes

Seriously, folks, I'm dying over here! Must have!

Chances are...

...that I will never become an addict. At least not a narcotics addict. Why? Because I'm not sufficiently committed. Specifically, I would never be able to get past the constant, maddening itching. See, that's what happens when you're allergic to them, among other things (rash, swelling, severe dizziness, and trouble breathing). Thankfully, I only got the itching. But, heavens to betsy, I can't stress enough how freaking ridiculous it was! Argh!

As it turns out, you can develop a narcotics allergy. I was never allergic before. I took Vicodin after a root canal a few years ago. All it did was make me sleepy. Same with codeine in cough syrup. Nada. Just immediate sleepiness. Then, a month and a half ago, I had leg surgery. They gave me tons of Percocet. I mean, enough for the entire east side of Baltimore to enjoy themselves for months. And three days in, the itchiness. And the sleeplessness. And the fidgety wired-ness. So this time, I got smart and asked for something else, and they gave me Vicodin. In recovery, the I.V. pain killer wasn't doing the trick, so the nurse gave me a magical pill. Trusting her, I took it, only to find out seconds later that it was Percocet. Thanks, lady. So, I itched and then itched some more. When it wore off and I needed some drugs, I popped a Vicodin. Still with the itching. I just figured that the Percocet side effects were hanging out for a while. Then it got worse. Then I started leaving scratch marks on my legs and arms and face and neck and, well, you get the idea. Called the doc, and I'm allergic. So, now, it's me and my new bestest friend Advil. And it tries, it really tries. It genuinely wants to make me feel better, and it wants to make me sleep through the achiness (it's really not as bad as it could be, so I swear I'm not whining). But alas, it's only an over the counter NSAID, not a narcotic. This is my boring story for the week. Sorry folks, but if it's not happening in front of me while I'm laying on my couch, it's not happening. Stay tuned for thrilling tales of carrying food in plastic bags from the kitchen to the living room, getting my hair washed at the Hair Cuttery, and avoiding tripping over cat toys on crutches. Oooo!!!!

Anyone else have any war stories? Weird drug allergies? Suggestions for non-narcotic pain relief?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mixtape for the ages

So, I found some old mix tapes the other day and popped this one into my tape player while I made dinner. I was pretty happy with how well it held up. I kind of can't stop listening to it, even though I have several more to catch up on. Of course, there are some pretty kitchy songs that I wish I didn't have to fast-forawrd through, but it was 13 years ago, so whatever.

I think I made this in my 4th year of undergrad. Notice that I didn't say "my senior year". That's because someone transferred a zillion gajillion times.

Anyways, here's the playlist. I don't know all of the band names. For some reason, I didn't obsessively list both the title and band on this one, like I usually did; thankfully, I didn't name the sides of this one cutesy titles, either. And some of these songs were straight from mix tapes other people made me. There's no tracking it back. So, if anyone knows who played these (or if I made any mistakes on band names), please please please let me know!

side a

equalized -- jawbreaker
gov't/satellite -- ???
cause -- swiz
my manacles -- edsel
me and you -- egg hunt
our secret -- beat happening
feeling good fixation -- unrest
time expired -- slant 6
some things -- rastro!
hello kitty -- cub
fly away -- tattle tale (by far my favorite re-discovery on this tape, the Jawbox song was a close second)
suggestion -- fugazi
day ditty -- shudder to think
bee stung -- kristin hersch
the end of a love affair -- matt dennis and red norvo

side b

cool schmool -- bratmobile
that girl -- that girl
what's new pussycat? -- tom jones
lucky -- ???
good guys -- minor threat
why i oughta -- blast off country style
youth -- fish + roses (beat happening cover)
impossible figure -- jawbox
baby blue -- ???
stay away -- heavens to betsy
word traffic -- jenny toomey
more of the same -- coral
12th street rag -- lawrence welk
she said -- bratmobile
i'll take you down -- autoclave
here again -- bratmobile
dig your own grave -- heavenly
yesterday -- ???

Does anyone else have any old mix tapes you still listen to?

Does anyone know how to get cassettes to CD or MP3?